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DRB Motorsports Developed By BoostLogic

Finally got the time to record couple of Vid's for my new DRB Motorsports exhaust, i snooped around the whole web looking for the perfect exhaust to match my taste ... American Muscle style ROAR (vs. Formula style Roar like the remus race exhaust for ex.), Very Lound on low and high RPM'S, as for the price i got it for a good deal on Ebay

The DownShift sound it makes is Sickkk !! Drone is very tolerable i daily drive my m3 and keep the windows slightly open (even with a/c on) just to enjoy the roar so dont have to worry about drone :P

One thing is obvious after the Install, The ass is light as hell ! no surprise since its one of the lightest systems out there as the manufacturer claims , enjoy !

Oh and sorry about the flipped vid