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Is my power steering pump on its way out?

After a couple minutes of flogging the car, a bit (not red-lining, though), I noticed a distinctly different tone on top of the engine noise. It was like an extra hum and it rose and fell with the engine revs (even when in neutral, so had nothing to do with the drivetrain or wheels).

After a while, the noise seemed to subside. But it sounded like maybe some auxiliary pump, as if power steering or brake assist might be on its way out. Are there any known issues with the alternators on these cars?

The oil was mostly up to temperature, before I started, but not quite. Maybe reaching full operating temperature is what caused the noise to subside.

The car is at about 36k miles. It has about 1.5 track days on it, though I was taking it easy. I normally drive it pretty gently, often short shifting, especially when the oil isn't up to temp.

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