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Originally Posted by liquid View Post
well we test drove 3 suvs today, tiguan, sportage and the crv. the tiguan was nice bigger then i expected. i am 6'5" and i was fine in the back seat and driving it. the tubo made it quick. i was surprised to see it is only 55% german. i also was surprised there were no safety rating for front and side crash test. other then those two factors i was impressed.

next we took a look at the cheapest one out there. the sportage is out, while its ok i can see spending over 20k for it. i thought the coverage of 10 yrs was bumper to bumper. it looks and drove ok but not very impressive.

lastly and most impressive was the honda. i was surprised the base one (lx) came with a back up camera. the test ratings were all 5 with the exception of rollover which like the vw was 4, i didnt even bother checking the kia's. the crv also drove pretty well and has a lot more room compared to the vw. we dont have children yet but when we do the mirror for the backseat will be helpful. if we go the crv odds are we will go with the ex (2100 more) for the nicer wheels (the steel ones on the lx r awful), the moonroof will be an added bonus.

we still have another 16 days before the insurance will cut us a check for her old car unless they find it. at this point she is 50/50.
BTW, my mom got the CRV yesterday without even test driving it. I was gunning for the X1 or the Tiguan but she went for the CRV. We had gotten the AWD EX-L. All trims were close in price but the LX was too hideous.