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Originally Posted by nickbrown View Post
So i should prob go for a used m3? i prefer the sedan. im looking to get a DCT. and i dont know the pricing and all the things i should be going for.
Up to you. It should be possible to find a used E90 sedan DCT under 50k.

FYI in 2009 BMW upgraded the idrive substantially. I would set my sights on an 09 or 10 with 15 to 25k miles. It will have a year or two of the BMW OEM warranty left also.

Otherwise you are looking at options, such as the tech package, competition package, etc. etc. Lurk on the forums or use sites such as and to price shop what you should be paying.

Can you travel?

It will broaden your options if you can. We flew from Atlanta to Indianapolis to buy ours.

Good luck.

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