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Originally Posted by nickbrown View Post
Id like to pay under 50k. Also do you think its better to just pick up on a used m3 or wait for the new one thats coming out, but i feel like i shouldnt spend that much yet lol. It seems alot of people have been picking up on used m3's.
New model is coming next year late as a 2014. Details are sketchy at the moment, but the car is supposed to be revealed at Frankfurt in the spring I believe.

The key to note is it will have a turbo charged inline 6, likely with more HP and torque (450 ish) than the current normally aspirated S65 motor (414 HP).

The S65 isn't a fantastic drag racer, power comes on above 4,500 rpm when Interesting Things happen. It is quick but not say Z06 quick.

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