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I had the Ground Control kit on my EDC equipped car for just over a year. I couldn't wait to get that shit off my car. It fell apart twice while driving (sway bar end link hardware failure causing the links to drag on the ground; I had to purchase $40 in hardware to fix this because their hardware was substandard), made noise ALL THE TIME (squeaks, rattles, spring noise on the perch, buzzing), couldn't align it correctly due to issues with the C/C plates (even the guys at West End Alignment were surprised as they use GC components on their record holding Honda race car), Rode like utter bouncy and jolting crap, and the customer service was absolute shit to top it off!
I still to this day have $1000 worth of suspension sitting in a box in my garage because I can't sell it and don't want to deal with GC to have it fixed for resale.
I went ahead and got the KW V3 installed and haven't looked back. No noise, no falling apart, alignment is in check even though I am on stock top hats and am set very low, and rides very well for a slammed car.

All in all, I do not miss the EDC controls; the KWs make up for it and then some, especially when comparing to the Ground Control sleeve system.

Hope this helps