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Originally Posted by pharmdphd98 View Post
There should be two more categories: those who have actually owned a DCT and disliked it enough to switch to 6MT and vice versa. Test drive is not sufficient to give you a real sense of how much fun/easy the transmission is to live with. The fact that you made this post tells me you are thinking about this issue after owning both gearboxes. Please shed some light on the matter because I sold a 6MT and ordered a DCT for ED in November!
Originally Posted by pharmdphd98 View Post
Oh, by the way, I would have voted "6MT in the M3 is not satisfying enough so it made the DCT a more attractive option"

What BMW has done is simultaneous selling a manual gearbox that is robust but unsatisfying to drive while making available one of the very best automated gearboxes in the world for us to "choose". For those of us who have the extra cash the choice is kind of made for us. One only has to look at the ionic figure of the M3 family, the M3 GTS, to see that BMW has chosen the DCT as THE only tranny option for the top dog in the M3 family.
Well let me say this; my first BMW MT was (and still in our famaly) a 1987 BMW 535is the car has a great gear box and shifts are smooth as silk. I still here and then drive this car when my daughter lets me drive it

I mentioned this since I also owned three other M3's before the one I am driving now. The first one was a e46 with SMG transmission, I had no complains about that car or transmission at all. The other two M3's both e92 had MT and I had no problems at all only I disliked the stiffnes during the shifting (nothing like the e28 MT I mentioned earlier).

I have to admit I often thought about (while driving the e92 MT) that I should have gotten a M-DCT only like many others I shopped for the best price and purchased those cars from the dealer off the lot.

Then along came the situation earlier this year when the wife mentioned "We should really go to only one car now that we are retired" Well after a few days discussion she agreed to get rid of her car if I get an automatic. Well more discussion followed and she agreed that I can trade my then almost new M3 wit MT for a new one with M-DCT.

Needless to say I went right to it and found the right car (having options I was looking for). The problem is that shortly after I got the new car home with M-DCT the wife changed her mind and anounced she better keep her car. All is well that ends well as the saying goes, having that second car allows me to keep the M3 in the garage when it rains and it will stay parked in the winter time.

Bottom LIne, both transmissions are fine it is all a matter of personal preference as far as I am concerned. No worries you will love your's once you pick her up in München at Die Welt delivery centre. They will treat you like a king. Once you take her on the road (in busy München traffic) you will be glad you decided on the M-DCT.

Do I miss the MT ... sure I do here and then I do, then I can always use the paddles or the shift. With the M-DCT we always have those options and listening to the rev matching sound with the windows open is priceless.

Happy trails my friend!

Originally Posted by dom_cmh View Post
My God this thread isn't needed. This discussion is getting so old. It's like talking politics. 6mt lovers like feel and tradition. DCT folks love the technology and speed. Blah blah. Who cares. Enjoy your car and stop trying to prove why your tranny is better if you like it.

Btw 6MT all the way!!!
It's not meant to be a thread per say ... it's a poll to make your mark or draw that line in the sand is all did you leave your mark?
Cheers, Rolf-Dieter

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