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Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
Nice review and congrats on your new power. I used to wonder why someone would choose anything but ess just because they are a great company and so many people have their products. However I realize now that it doesn't really matter who you choose because they all achieve the same goal...gobs of power in a safe manner. It's like asking why choose iPhone over android or vica versa. Same goal different ways of getting there
I could understand why you would feel confortable buying an android vs an Iphone since millions of androids have been sold but in the case of putting a supercharger kit on a 25k engine, I would prefere to go with a company that has sold hundreds of kits witout issues instead of just a couple, just my opinion but I don't think your comparaison was so good!

I have nothing against Gintani or any other companys that make supercharger kits but with my car, my priority is reliability and I think ESS has a more solid proof of it then the others just because they have sold many many more and that without any issues!

Edit: Oh and also, I don't see why one would choose anything else then Iphone!