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Cool write up. I disagree strongly about the Gallardo and Elise placement, I'd put the Gallardo 1, 2, or 3 (R8, Ferrari, and Lambo in no order) and the Elise last, but otherwise agree. The Elise suffers from a fatal flaw that sets it apart from any of the other cars: lack of power. It probably has half the power of the second slowest in test. And that may be less apparent on mountain roads than other places. The Gallardo shifters I've used have nice feel, and make such nice rifle bolt sounds. That's totally a preference thing though. I've never seen a 6MT F430, that has to be rare.

Personally I'd never pick my M3 over the Gallardo, F430, or R8 V10. The GT-R would be a tougher call. Those cars are just in a whole different league than the M3. I love my car, but it feels very plebeian compared to those three. But to each their own.