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Gintani Supercharger Review

Howdy folks, just wanted to share my thoughts on my Gintani stage 2+ kit now that I have thoroughly put it through its paces. First and foremost though I'd like to give a big thanks to Arno, Alex, Brian and the rest of the Gintani team as they really are a great group of guys and a class act. They answered all of my questions and always made themselves available to me regardless if it was after shop hours or weekends or whatever. All I can say about the kit they have put together is WOW!! It totally transforms the car, but only when you want it to. As a daily driver the car is unchanged except for the smoothness of the power delivery and shifts (I had them install new transmission software as well) but when you want to play just goose the throttle a little and HOT DAMN does the car get up and go now! And I can't say enough about the sweet sounds the car makes when you want it too as well. The way they use the blow off valve is music to my ears On the track (big willow) the car just pulls and pulls! I'm talking freight train like, lap after lap which really impressed me. Now for my recent trek from Long Beach CA to Wichita KS. I originally told the guys at Gintani that I would be driving this car all of the country and I had concerns about it seeing all sorts of weather and I just didn't want to have any worries when I was out on the open road and they assured me the car would be just as good as it was when it rolled off the show room floor. Boy am I glad I listened because open back roads with a supercharged M3 equals heaven! But I did see my fair share of terrible weather and the car performed flawlessly. Anything from unreal thunder storms in New Mexico to 111 degrees in Kansas the car never waivered once! The one thing I was expecting to see was terrible gas mileage but after nearly a 3000 mile round trip the car said I averaged almost 26 MPG. Not sure how accurate the cars computer is but I'm pretty impressed with that if it's true. Any who, I just wanted to share my impressions of their product and let the M community know of another great kit available to those looking to go the forced induction route. Thanks again to the Gintani team for giving me the power I was craving!