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Zahabi has said

“Georges St-Pierre told me he wants (to fight Anderson Silva). But right now he has to get back on the horse and fight Carlos Condit and be champion again. He needs to keep focused.

“(If the Silva fight happens) ideally I’d like a catch weight. I think it’d be more fair. If you fight at a catch weight, Silva won’t be 20 pounds heavier. 177 or 178 pounds is much more fair.”

I think this is smart play by GSP, he knows at catchweight at least there will not be any titles on the line. I prefer a catchweight anyway. I would love to see this fight, 2 of the most dominant guys in the UFC for years. I can't see how anyone thinks Silva is ducking Weidman, Belcher, Bisping etc when he has suggested GSP the WW champ.