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Originally Posted by positiveions View Post
speculation is what drives the market.
Scott does move the market allright.
Just curious what market Scott26 moves at all?
A few thousand dedicated BMW enthusiasts like us?

How many could he convince to buy the 5GT , actually forget buy, even test drive as it very likely that if they did, they would buy. Scott26 appeals to a narrow demographic that frankly, are very self motivated BMW lovers.

Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
I think you have to realise is that what I report is some form of time travel.
I do not report the present , I report the future. The name Scott is derived from the famous explorer. I know the industry very well having been indoctrinated at an early age and I know the market we compete in has rapidly progressed in the last 10 years. The industry is an ever changing cycle what applies and decided today may be different tomorrow.
As a BMW enthusiast who has owned several BMW cars, and who actively tweets and blogs on cars and BMWs in particular, my bu!!$hit meter is finely tuned and recently, Scott26 has begun to slip. Even his most recent response here suggests he is taking himself a bit too seriously, and when that happens; super fans tend to move on and find something or someone else.

Problem is Scott26 is run by a committee of product and brand managers in BMW Welt wetting themselves by their cleverness and expertise when in reality, if he kept it simple and about the cars and the exhilaration of motoring and the tantalising details; and cut out all the marketing brochureware and hard sell, he would actually finish what he started.


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