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Originally Posted by jtvr4 View Post
You lucky dog I've never had the cigar malt how was it? From what I've heard it's not made anymore. I've never seen Auchentoshan, I'll have to look for that.
Yeah, I don't see the cigar malt anymore. It was true to it's namesake, good with a cigar, as it had a full and dark malty bourbon flavor; but by itself, I wasn't a fan. The Auchentoshan (hard to spell and pronounce) was recommended to me by the bartender at this upscale little bistro place. He said it was very inexpensive, yet better than half the stuff out there, and I agree. It comes in a gray/olive colored box. It doesn't have an official age label, but I believe it's an 8 yr. However, it's smooth nature offsets the normally rough young scotch taste. And it's not watery, nor does it have the Glenlivet's cheap aftertaste, or the oily unrefined taste of Glennfiddich.

Yes, this is off-topic; the official scotch thread is mostly a pissing contest for the rarest, most expensive whiskys, which isn't that interesting to me.