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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
Jones has yet to KO anyone in the UFC, so I doubt he will KO one of the most elusive guys in the UFC. Shogun was able to KO Machida cause he played Machidas game and won. Jones is gonna fight similar to how he fought Rashad, keep distance and score points, he's going to be a LHW version of GSP, at least in the stand up. If he gets the opportunity, he'll take Machida down and rain elbows and go for a sub but a KO from a punch, I highly doubt it
Yes you are right, Jones has not KO'ed anybody in the UFC.

I stand by my previous statement though - when Machida meets Jones in the octagon again, Jones will leave as the winner and Machida will probably lose consciousness at some point during the fight.

Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
Apparently Silva's management is considering move to WW. My guess is he's motivated to fight GSP.
I read that too. Silva cutting to 170lbs!!! When was the last time he did that? 10 years ago ... the Chonan fight comes to mind. Weight cutting gets harder the older you get - if he actually cuts to 170lbs I would actually bet on GSP in that fight.