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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
It's your car, you can do as you please. As for the DME intervening to prevent failure - if that is happening, it means the car is tuned way too aggressively and the car is saving itself. A good tuner should be able to safely tune for all circumstances without needing to rely on the factory safeguards. If what you are saying is true then all tuners should produce about the same results as everyone can just max out all the values for the given mods and let the car handle the rest.
I'm saying that if the motor is tuned for meth, and meth stops flowing and tune doesn't revert back contemporaneously to a non-meth tune, the DME will intervene to prevent a blown motor. I've heard that JB tunes to the brink of knock...there are plenty of threads on the N54 section about this. I don't really know because I'm not a tuner but the results are clear - no blown motors with thousands of tunes for many years.
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