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Originally Posted by meko View Post
Maybe I'm missing something, why do you want such huge wheels? What is the point, your killing the car both performance wise and handling. Are you compensating for something?
Lol. No man. I have my oem set for track. The overall weight for these is only 20 pounds more than oem. Tire weight would be another 10 pounds. So 30 pounds on 4500 pound car doesn't make a difference in everyday driving. I mean its not like you drive the car aggressive all day long. So u don need super performance during dd. The sole reason is to protect my rims cuz I got a curb rash on one already! Damm! I just wanna put 30 series so its a bit for comfy for dd. And 19" on this car are small unless u drop it which I do not want to do. And I think you r missing out but most m3's have 20's

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