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Originally Posted by ibarry92 View Post
I love the camera and it feels great in my hands.
Then buy the Canon. Between the Canon and the Nikon, there is no wrong choice. Their camera body ergonomics are different, and you just have to see what you prefer. Personally, I'm a Nikon shooter because I like their control scheme and body designs better. But if the Canon works for you, go for it.

I just picked up a D3200 as a travel/backup body and I really like it. The online reviews complain that it lacks "features" like exposure bracketing or compatibility with old lenses, but I tend not to use fancy/automatic features or modes. It's super small and light and perfect for travel.

Also, don't worry about the megapixel count. All the cameras you list have plenty of pixels for cropping and printing to 8x10 or bigger. Don't let the "pixel peeper" nuts on the forums worry you.

The touch screen interface is also useful, as it can really help with changing settings on-the-go.
Personally, I'm not crazy about touchscreen controls. The location of the buttons can change (must look at screen to control) and there is no physical feedback when you hit the button. There's a reason why all of the pro bodies have tons of dedicated physical buttons for almost every control.