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StopTech ST60 380mm front, ST40 355mm rear. After 16,500+ miles of combined street and track driving--12 or so HPDE events which corresponds to 18 or so track days--and two sets of ST Street Perf pads and one set of Pagid RS29s, I'm about to replace my front rotors (actually just the friction rings, since I can keep the rotor hats). I had been measuring my rotor thickness recently, and the original front rotor thickness of 35mm has only gone down about 1mm (2mm wear is the recommended replacement trigger). But I wasn't appreciating the amount of scalloping or lip that was developing on the rotors until my shop pointed it out to me. So I'll be able to get one more event out of this front set of rotors and Pagids, then it's replacement time. Obviously the front pads and rotors are wearing about twice as fast as the rears.

The experience above with the PF 01 pads wearing completely down on stock brakes after one track weekend is interesting. Perhaps the better heat management of a BBK would prevent this? Also, there might be something to be said for Pagid's pad design of having small pegs securing the pad material to the backing plate in addition to adhesive--this is intended to prevent the pad material from delaminating or falling off the backing plate when it wears down.