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Originally Posted by jtvr4 View Post
The problem is that the ad is completely false and Stephanie Cutter knew this. She claims she doesn't know the details when she clearly does per her taped conversation with Soptic in May. They got caught in a undebatable bold lie and will continue to run the ad. What's just as silly is that the Obama campaign said they had no knowledge of Joe Soptic. One day later Jen Psaki said they've worked with Soptic before... What a total cluster fuck.

My mother worked at GST and I spent alot of time at that plant which is why this issue hits home with me. As a independent this sure doesn't help Obama win my vote. He needs to get his campaign in order. Fabricating a story that portrays someone to be a murderer is out of line. I have a feeling some people will be losing their jobs.

As for the swift boat shenanigans, nobody is ever going to know what the real deal is.

I love scotch have you tried Dalmore Grand Reserve? Drinking it now, pretty good.
This is precisely why I can't comment on the ad - I don't know the background info like you and some others apparently do. But it does sound deceptive from what you're saying.

I've had the Dalmore cigar malt, but not the grand reserve. I have Glenmorangie at home right now (on sale at NH state liquor stores), my faves are Balvenie and Talisker, but I often buy Auchentoshan, as it's a suprisingly good lowland (not oily) for a reasonable price. Gee, now I've got the "scotch" song from "The Anchorman" stuck in my head.