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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
I haven't seen the fucking ad, can't you read?

And again, what I said was that it's no different than the multitude of ads from the other side's PACs, or historical ads like swift boat or Willy Horton.

And I'll start denouncing ads as soon as all you thread-starters begin denouncing the full-of-shit titles of your threads.
1. Thanks for the personal attack that's appropriate. Why do you feel the need to ask me if I can read? I would assume that you would research and watch the ad before you would come back in this thread to comment.

2. We are not talking about the other sides ads, we are talking about this ad. If you would like to talk about those ads then I would suggest starting a new thread.

3. I have not started a thread in this sub-forum, so therefore I can't talk to those.