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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
I saw this car at the AMI show in Leipzig - I came away very un-impressed. What a slug. Sure on paper it doesn't look bad... but I found it very lacking in every way. Its under powered for now. Maybe once they put a turbo engine in it - it might be something. But for now its just an 'also ran" car that is RWD. I personally think a 128i would beat it in every performance category.
Hi Dackelone,

So, why do you think AutoBild says otherwise regarding the 125i (the European version of the US 128i)?

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
And what is with all this Advevo-Fanboy action? Geeez just PM him!!!
I don't know what you are referring to with 'all this Advevo-Fanboy action'... Did you see me driving my 1M?!

Now seriously... Advevo and his videos are the ONLY reason why I started to left-foot brake and do it on a regular basis now... so yes, I'm a big fan since long time ago! More recently, whenever I have questioned Advevo over the 1M forum about his driving tecnhique he was always kind enough to answer me until someone has banned me from that forum. So, I have NO problem talking to Advevo but someone decided that I couldn't do it over the 1M forum... I thought that was precisely what a forum is for.

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Finally, knowing what Advevo values in a car I really think the Toyobaru was made for a driver like him and I would like VERY much that he could test it to the limit and share his findings with ALL OF US his fans (I'm not alone, you know!?).