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BMW's 90 Anniversary

I just found out that this year is BMW's 90 anniversary, I'm posting some screen shots of the newspaper animated graphic with some information, I translated it to everybody. I hope this is not a repost or any bad info.

Image 1

"The firm started operations with the construction of airplane engines, thanks to this the logo is created as the one we now know.

The logo represents the an airplanes helix in movement, the colors blue and white are taken from the Bavarian flag and the letters BMW are for the name after the company was registered in 1917 'Bayerishce Motoren Werke'

Thanks to the Versallie treat in 1919, that prohibited the fabrication of airplane engines, the company changed their business to fabricate a 2 cylinder boxer engine for motorcycles, but it wasn't until 1923 that the first two wheel vehicle was presented.

The third activity of BMW, the automobile contruction began with the acquisition of the Eisenach shop in 1928."

The other two images just are more explanatory about the Versaille treat ( I hope this is the way to translate that, I don't know) and the beginning of BMW as an automaker and the first BMW 3/20 PS.
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