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Short answer.....No. Unless you manipulate the genetic structure. I am 5'5", more or less, 182lbs as lunch time. My mom is 4'11" and my dad is 5'6" so i fell right there. Unfortunately, the only way would be to fill him up with proper nutrients, proteins, and milk. Proper nutrition is crucial for growth. 5'6" 158 is not that bad but if you say he is lazy then is mostly body fat. Right now, @ 15 years old, if he begins working out then he will tone up and bulk really quick because his testosterone is kicking like bull. Maybe try taking to him to the gym with you? He is able to do weight lifting, it does not necessarily stunt your growth. As far as anything leg related, less weight and higher reps would be better to avoid injury at his age. As far as anything else goes, he is good to go but needs proper training as far as fundamentals go. My dad never pushed me....i lied, he did push me away and was never there but i have been lifting since 16.

Now as far as sleeping and laziness; there are many reasons for this but the most relevant is the fact that his body says "ok, sleep all day and play games all night!". Your body has an internal clock that needs to be reset. He needs to get into the habit of waking up early and STAYING up. In order to stay up, he needs a good breakfast. For the long run, cereal is terrible to have for breakfast....its a sugar rush followed by a crash. Make him 2 pieces of toast with eggs and milk along with some kids multivitamins (maybe chewables but not the mens vitacrave because they are hard as FU*K to chew). You get proteins, carbs, and plenty of vitamins.

P.S. "SOME" studies have shown soy protein to causes estrogenic affects so watch that.

Put it this way, imagine the second you start your car, you put it in drive and start going.....It causes premature wear...well same thing goes for the body, unless you get you body started properly and prep it then it will not last long.

Someone correct me if i made a mistake somewhere

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