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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
this is a sidebar 335/GTR discussion. And only because a GTR owner mentioned that he get harrassed by 335's regularly and it was ironic that just the previous evening, a GTR was trying to egg me on. So it was quite interesting when I pulled on him from a dead stop. Yeah he floored it but my guess is that he didn't use launch control. I could really car less about your EVO. Speaking of which, reminds me of my race against one two months ago at the Shift-S3ctor Big Willow roll-on event, I ran an almighty 440 AWHP EVO on teh back straight 40 MPH to 130+ MPH and I put 2 cars on it with my barely-modified 335. About 100 witnesses and vids.
No way on a 440whp Evo. What kind of dyno number is this? Dynojet? If it is Dynojet, the numbers don't count. Dynojet is not load bearing so the numbers are always sky high. Either that number is overstated or someone can't drive in a straight line.

I'd walk JB4 335i all day in my Evo X with nothing except a custom dyno tune. Imagine if I actually had hard mods done.