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Originally Posted by serge View Post
A "barely-modified" 3550lb. 335 (380-400hp?) ran a 3200lb. 550+ hp Evo? Kudos to you, shame on the Evo's driver.

Congrats too on beating a GTR, some people don't realize how ridiculously fast chipped 335s are.
Procede+meth+intake+dps = 413/446 RWHP. Plus and LSD and tires for traction. That's all my mods. Certainly not a fast 335 by any means. I'm not even FBO.

Look I'm not delusional - I'm sure if the GT-R driver knew what he was doing and used launch control, I would have lost from a dead stop. But if it was stock and the GT-R driver just layed into the throttle like I did, it's expected. I don't have any idea what year GT-R it was but from what I remember 2009-2011's dyno in the 400 AWHP range and 2012's around 430 AWHP and they certainly weight a lot more than me.

The EVO driver had + 1 passenger. I was expecting to loose but you never know.
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