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Originally Posted by Diver View Post
Badger, if you find my photography to be uninteresting, just skip over it. All I can tell you is that I am not interested in generating a controversy or conflict here.
Again make no mistake, I am not critiquing your work, but rather saying its hard to become engaged by a single photograph with little to no background info or other images to create a visual narrative. I am making no knock at your photography or skills, I happen to really enjoy your photo posted for the contest.

Originally Posted by Diver View Post
I consider your remarks to be unfair. It has been over a week since I started a new thread here. The last couple of posts before that were added to existing threads. It seems to me you are trying to create an issue where none exists.
Unfair? OK?
Your latest might be over a week old, however when clicking onto the Photo/Video section one would note that in the 1st two pages alone you own nearly 25% of the threads opened and they are solely for the purpose of showing off YOUR work and site exclusively. I am in no way saying thats wrong but in the abundance that you have offered us (with little to no response from anyone), it's coming on a bit strongly in a "look at me" need for attention fashion.

Originally Posted by Diver View Post
Nobody has to visit my website. If they do, it is non commercial. I don't make a dime off it. It is obvious this is a BMW forum, but all kinds of people drive BMW's so there is no way to draw conclusions in advance about what kind of non-automotive photography they like. After all, this is the off topic photo forum so a wide variety of subject matter should be acceptable.
I think I'm going to call you out on this one. I never said you were doing this to monetarily boost your wallet, I just said the effort was misguided - you're not really putting out the "sharing" feeling if you make us visit your site to see the rest. If you sincerely feel you're not trying to direct people to your personal site then why include the extra link to it in the thread (especially considering it's already in your signature)? If you were genuinely interested in just sharing your work for all to see why not just post up the set in its entirety for all to see on this site instead of redirecting? Why are your photos too good for the common sharing threads? Personally this is more of a slap in the face than anything.

Originally Posted by Diver View Post
One problem with posting a "diver" thread is it is not possible to edit the title of the post after a few days. Viewers have no hint as to what the latest post is like. However, I might try the idea if that it what it takes to avoid conflict.
Who cares if you can't re-title it? If people are interested in your work they will look, and if you post up new stuff in a sort of "blog" fashion, people can go to the latest post and see your latest work. I'm not really sure where your problem is here - are you new to working on this kind of forum? I'd say the gross majority of members here know how to view the latest post in a thread.

Originally Posted by Diver View Post
The snapshot of the day thread has potential, but I think they need to start a new one every week, and get "snapshot" out of the name. More often than not the term "snapshot" is used in a derogatory sense.
Getting technical here on the word snapshot isn't helping your case. If you have viewed the thread frequently like most of us do you'd see more than the majority of images posted are anything but "snapshots" in your definition. It's a place where the regulars share a shot or two from their latest work instead of posting a new thread for a single photo.

Originally Posted by Diver View Post
Anyway, if anyone does not get it, I am not going to be offended. There is simply no reason to be making a stink because I post here and my posts seem overly prominent because so few other photographers are posting here.
Again, tons of photogs are posting here, but in a communal manner of sharing of "gallery space" so to speak. If you want to continue to do it your way, feel free - I don't own this website. But I will say if you do, understand that many of us DON'T understand its manner and content because of the way its done and so you'll probably continue to get some blank stares and empty threads.