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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
this is a sidebar 335/GTR discussion. And only because a GTR owner mentioned that he get harrassed by 335's regularly and it was ironic that just the previous evening, a GTR was trying to egg me on. So it was quite interesting when I pulled on him from a dead stop. Yeah he floored it but my guess is that he didn't use launch control. I could really car less about your EVO. Speaking of which, reminds me of my race against one two months ago at the Shift-S3ctor Big Willow roll-on event, I ran an almighty 440 AWHP EVO on teh back straight 40 MPH to 130+ MPH and I put 2 cars on it with my barely-modified 335. About 100 witnesses and vids.
A "barely-modified" 3550lb. 335 (380-400hp?) ran a 3200lb. 550+ hp Evo? Kudos to you, shame on the Evo's driver.

Congrats too on beating a GTR, some people don't realize how ridiculously fast chipped 335s are.