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Originally Posted by BMW M Power Mexico View Post
n any case, this kind of thing (the BMW plant announcement) is basically all good both for the U.S. and Mexico. We would both get additional jobs compared to the current situation (no BMW plant) and some of those would help mexicans stay in Mexico which is what I think both you and I want.
You are definitely right on this point. There will be some benefits for both countries, but to Fraggy's point, Mexico will benefit more from this move. I think his point is that he'd rather see it built in the US and further support the economy that will buy the majority of the vehicles. Case in point is Spartanburg. It's amazing to see how that plant has transformed the area and the small city of Greenville. I would expect you to have the same view towards the plant in Mexico and the potential revitalization of a town/city in the country.

It's difficult to debate pride and wishing the best for your country. Facts on US getting a slice of the pie won't sell the fact that Mexico will take the whole pie.