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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
NA F6 without second thought. FI I4 are laggy, that is why many 1M owners don't want the M2 to get an I4.
I knew you would say that... You didn't tell me what your brother's friend think about the Megane RS' throttle response, though. What is his opinion as a former RS owner?

As for the FI I4 engines being 'laggy' let's take the Megana RS example again (I'm sorry Red Bread, I'm only trying to make my point clear about modern turbocharged engines' throttle response)... First of all, 80% of the peak torque is available from as low as 1900rpm, which means that at this point the torque (360*0.8 = 288 Nm) is already greater than the 981 Boxster's engine peak torque (280 Nm) which ONLY appears much later at 4500 rpm. So, the TIME that the Boxster engine will take to go from 1900 rpm to 4500 rpm at full throttle (maximum acceleration) in order to output the closest but still less torque than the RS' engine will ALWAYS be greater than any perceived 'turbo lag' from the latter in the same gear and for that rpm range because the turbo is already spooled up.

Of course that you will tell me the Boxster's engine acceleration is so linear and progressive that there's no perceived delay between the moment you press the throttle pedal and the moment you get the engine response from 1900 rpm up to 4500 rpm and beyond.

While that's true you must realize that for the same car (aerodynamics, weight and gear ratios) above 1900 rpm you would ALWAYS have greater acceleration with the Renault engine for the SAME rpm, gear and THROTTLE DEMAND!

On the other hand, what you may perceive as 'turbo lag' in the Renault's engine response from 1900 rpm to 3000 rpm (where the RS' engine peak torque first starts) is NOT, in fact, 'turbo lag' but the engine's non-linear torque delivery which reachs its peak more abruptly (as opposed to progressively) at 3000 rpm, thereafter the engine seems to pull evenly up to the redline (and beyond... ).

The thing is, thanks to the twin scroll turbocharger and continuously variable intake valve timing the Renault engine is ALREADY pulling harder at WOT from as low as 1900 rpm than the Porsche engine will EVER do up to its 7800 rpm redline.

Also, the Renaultsport Dynamic Management system allows the driver to choose between three modes through the ESP button on the dashboard:

- 'On': the default mode. The ESP, ASR traction control and emergency brake assist are all activated. The pedal mapping ensures smooth acceleration. In this mode, power is 250hp and torque is 340Nm.

- 'Sport' mode (*), for less intrusive ESP action. This mode is selected by a short press on the ESP button. The ESP and ASR are still active but intervene at a later point and allow the car to slide to a certain extent, so long as the skid doesn't exceed a given threshold. The pedal mapping is modified to permit swifter engine response and provide extra torque at low revs. By specific mapping, power is increased to 265hp and torque to 360Nm .

- 'Off' mode (*). This mode is activated by a longer push on the ESP button. The electronic stability programme is fully disconnected, while the pedal mapping ensures instant response from the engine and delivers all available torque and over-torque at low revs. The engine delivers 265hp of power and 360Nm of torque.

(*) If the car is optioned with the Renaultsport Monitor it further enables the driver to modify the throttle pedal mapping from five different settings (linear, normal, snow, sport and extreme) in both these modes.

Does this ring any bells to the 1M owner?!

Talking of whom... I as an 1M owner will be the first to support a M2 with a turbocharged I4 as long as this means lower weight and less fuel consumption! Power is cheap these days, the focus should be on weight reduction and improved mileage.

Originally Posted by Levi View Post
It won't. There is aftermarket for that, the ZX6 is built for being tuned.
Nothing better than an already turbocharged engine from factory to be tuned...

Please, don't tell me the Megane RS is not fun... what you can say is because it is so damn' capable MOST will need a track to fully exploit it:

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