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Originally Posted by Fraggy View Post
Of course you're happy, you're looking out for your own. That's all some of us are trying to do as well.

I don't care if the build plants in other far away places, that makes sense to me, it's part of their global needs. But to come so close to the USA, which I'm confident has been a great source of financial support to them, and give us a big "fuck you" by supporting mexico, just infuriates me. I am glad Cadillac has stepped up to the plate.

And again I'm not questioning that Mexicans can build a good enough, I'm sure it will be fine, I'm not that silly. It's BMWs disregard for Americans that infuriates me so.
The plant in Mexico would benefit the U.S. more than any of those "far away places". What an irrational position.

So what would you like, that every plant in the Americas is opened in the U.S. instead of Mexico because it is "near" and you "buy a lot"?

Cadillac already builds their SUV´s in Mexico. American companies build more cars in Mexico than anyone else.

Mexico buys more american products than every other country except Canada. Mexico buys 198 billion/year of U.S. products but yeah, you´d rather have a BMW plant in a "faraway place".

We buy:

- Twice as much as China (but you´d rather have BMW open more plants there)
- Four times as much as Germany (or keep all production in Germany)
- Hundreds of times more than South Africa (or here)
- Twenty times as much as Russia (or open a new plant here - they have nukes pointing at you, remember?)

Whatever. Haters gonna hate.

Absolutely nobody complained here when BMW opened up in Spartanburg. We can actually understand that it benefits us just as this would benefit you with our economies as integrated as they are.

Fortunately the people running your country and your companies do understand this.
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