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Originally Posted by Notion-Za View Post
Test drove a 981 two days ago. What a car.

The Boxster will be quite similar to the Cayman so here is what I saw:

- The car is a hell of a lot more comfortable compared to my moms '10 Cayman S
- Dual cone intake sounds epic
- Electric steering feels very light and the SA told me it will actually pull the steering wheel the opposite way you are steering when the car feels it is in danger, can't remember the exact situation
- PDK is BRUTAL on sport mode.
- Handles like it is on rails
- Dual boots is always a bonus on a small car
- A real screamer
- It's a Porsche so it will hold its value better than most cars

One thing I think you will miss is the power of your M3. The car is fun but when you mash the pedal you just wish there was a bit more power. Another point is yes it handles on rails but once you push it past its limit good luck catching it, this is from personal experience. Took a corner fast, traction control failed and started over steering and no matter what I did I couldn't catch it.

I personally prefer the Audi TT RS and i'm trading in my 335 for it over the Boxster S. Also an 8-9 month waiting time is a bit over board for a boxster.
How's it comparing with your 1M?

Why do you prefer TTRS rather than Boxster S?