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Originally Posted by BMW M Power Mexico
Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
I am quite shocked at regarding some of the issues raised in this thread,

I am wondering if some of the directed comments were forwarded to BMW North America or BMW AG. Because in Germany they will look at it , delete it and then get back to the business of developing cars.

seriously what do you think of a BMW assembled in South Africa , India , China or even the USA?
You should not have such an opinion because each BMW is built to quality standards devised in Germany and should BMW decide to manufacture cars in Mexico there will not be that issue as again quality standards will be as all BMW's manufacturing facilities.

The overall factor that everyone has overlooked is that the word consider is in the headline. Mexico is one location , other locations are Brazil , Eastern Europe and Russia. The facility will not be in the USA or Mainland Europe .
BMW are in the process of obtaining an agreement to use a facility in the Netherlands as a satellite MINI plant.
Hello Scott,

Thrilled to see you chime in. The xenophobia and ignorance about the worldwide car industry of a few of the commenters here is astounding. Fortunately, there are also reasonable comments here.

Glad to hear the xenophobia will just be "deleted" back in HQ.

I can tell you that we in Mexico are thrilled that this news came up, it would allow BMW a competitive cost structure vis-a-vis Audi and we are cheering for you guys in our local BMW club.

We understand that BMW has worldwide options to invest and think it is a honor to be in this short list of possibilities.

Of course you're happy, you're looking out for your own. That's all some of us are trying to do as well.

I don't care if the build plants in other far away places, that makes sense to me, it's part of their global needs. But to come so close to the USA, which I'm confident has been a great source of financial support to them, and give us a big "fuck you" by supporting mexico, just infuriates me. I am glad Cadillac has stepped up to the plate.

And again I'm not questioning that Mexicans can build a good enough, I'm sure it will be fine, I'm not that silly. It's BMWs disregard for Americans that infuriates me so.
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