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Originally Posted by ///M Ryder View Post
Hate to crash the thread V but I couldn't resist......Did a little racing and a lot of "stuntn" back in the day. As someone else said.....hence the name Ryder. My riding name was "Curve Hunter"............Phil
I totally believe that!

Hey, if I could figure out how to get the four track tires, floor jack, lugwrench, AND the CBR600RR into the E93, I'd bring it out to MSRH this month and we'll see what you can do!

Originally Posted by XR_SIX View Post
e93m owner here and I ride a Yamaha r6 bike (my track weapon). yes, my e93m is heavier and slower than your e92 coupe but my bike will put your car to shame.
Some day, I'm going to convince a Track Day location to allow me to do a lap with the E93 and then turn around immediately and spin the CBR600RR. Should be a nice comparison (even though I agree with you, and there will be a significant difference between the two lap times)

Originally Posted by amaproracin View Post
Oh and....... I would have owned a coupe. But my wife liked the cab....... Yup it's a love story over here... Did you hear that!! Yeah it was a whip cracking.... And yeah it hurt!!!!!
That makes a bunch of sense! Because there are times when passengers would prefer to ride horizontal with a hand on the door handle instead of looking at the footpegs scraping the ground!


It's a bit amusing that an E93 weighs 400 pounds more, which is almost exactly the dry weight of the Honda CBR600RR.

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