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Trip to Vegas. Drove Ferrari 430 Scuderia on track

Went to Vegas for my birthday last week. Had a great time as always in Vegas. Decided to go to Exoticsracing off of Speedway Blvd and drove a Ferrari 430 Scuderia around their track. The car is raw and exciting to drive. The accelaration, grip in the corners and brakes were all amazing. Tires were Pirelli P Zero Corsa. There was a hint of understeer so had to be careful how fast I was going into the corners. It was shocking though how early I could step on the gas exiting the corners. The noise from the engine behind me was like music for my ears The track is kinda short - 1.5 miles, so I couldn't do more than 130 on the straight. It's a nice and technical course though. You go around the track with an instructor in the passenger seat, but he would let you push the car real hard as long as one stays safe. Not to compare the engine in the Ferrari with the S65, but they are so similar in their power delivery...the car just pulls all the way to redline. All I can say is I'm glad I have a BMW with such an amazing engine, so similar in character to the engines of a number of exotics on the market. Since they won't let you go all crazy on the track and I had the adrenaline rush already, I decided to go to an empty parking lot by the speedway and have some fun with my car Talk about timing, I just got a new set of Michelin PSS's from Tire Rack a few days before the trip, so the old tires could use some abuse