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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
I am quite shocked at regarding some of the issues raised in this thread,

I am wondering if some of the directed comments were forwarded to BMW North America or BMW AG. Because in Germany they will look at it , delete it and then get back to the business of developing cars.

seriously what do you think of a BMW assembled in South Africa , India , China or even the USA?
You should not have such an opinion because each BMW is built to quality standards devised in Germany and should BMW decide to manufacture cars in Mexico there will not be that issue as again quality standards will be as all BMW's manufacturing facilities.

The overall factor that everyone has overlooked is that the word consider is in the headline. Mexico is one location , other locations are Brazil , Eastern Europe and Russia. The facility will not be in the USA or Mainland Europe .
BMW are in the process of obtaining an agreement to use a facility in the Netherlands as a satellite MINI plant.
It's clear that no amount of logic or common sense will change some of these people's minds. BMW is probably just a status symbol for them so how are people going to view them if their cars are built in Mexico? For them it has nothing to do with quality and everything to do with perception.