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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post

I stopped taking anything he/she/it posted seriously after this load of shite.
If you actually had read further on you would have read that in the original strategy we put forward ideas which were unfortunately not possible due to the timeframe and budget for the 1M Coupe.
But when we get into the reality you can actually see that I am preparing you for the conception of BMW M Performance accessories.

So the choice might be limited but BMW have previewed such extensive CFRP items with the M3 CRT which will become accessories because of the BMWi investment in manufacturing volume CFRP.
The BMW M Performance line will expand over the next couple of years.

Hopefully one day you will see BMW's initial early ideas for the 1M most of which found its way within the 1M safety car.
In one way the next generation BMW M3/M4 were conceived with early evaluations of the 1M , allbeit BMW's experimentation with the N55 engine.

I should point out that in the early days of the F10 M, otherwise the M5.
I mentioned that a twin-turbo V10 was being evaluated , only again to be shot down until BMW showed the E60 M5 CSL with turbo-charged V10.

I think you have to realise is that what I report is some form of time travel.
I do not report the present , I report the future.
The name Scott is derived from the famous explorer. I know the industry very well having been indoctrinated at an early age and I know the market we compete in has rapidly progressed in the last 10 years.
The industry is an ever changing cycle what applies and decided today may be different tomorrow.

People also fail to understand BMW's overall goal is of automotive independence. FWD cars will achieve that goal as will SAV's high end supercars will not at the current time.
BMW responds to the market and market demands especially in projects that are offspring off existing platforms and have dedicated segments.
BMW's overall strategy to co-exist in a FWD share with MINI projects sales by 2020 to be 600,000 units combined to existing BMW sales and you wonder why Audi have had to postpone their 2015 goal.
These cars combined with MINI will be successful, mark my words. They are not exactly what I would call conventional concepts they have a BMW twist and that will add to their market appeal.
Step 1.