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Your mods should really be 'need' based. For instance if you start cooking the brakes (fade, fluid boil, pads turning to dust etc.) then you have created a 'need' to install track pads. Looks like for now, you dont feel the need.

Similarly, you seem to be not ready for R Comps so you are all set with current tire setup. If they are wearing on the outside or, like me, you have to adjust for mid corner since the car washes off due to lack of camber, get camber plates. In my case, I end up turning pads to dust each weekend so am looking at BBK as a cost/benefit equation.

Other than that, the car is really a champ and does not require much (marginal utility for the money spent).

I run in the instructors group (or will take students out in A or B to show them around) and 75% of the time, I end up hitting traffic or a slower car anyways and have to wait for point bys. Being faster at least in my case wont serve the purpose. For now, no need to do anything in my case.

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