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PRS - Forge Motorsports Big Brake Kits E9X M3

We would like to help our friends down the street from us with their well made big brake kits and of course help the track enthusiasts with better braking performance at a more reasonable price.

Forge Motorsport has devoted nearly 3 years to developing and testing various designs and features using our own in-house development and
personal vehicles for exhaustive long-term testing to ensure that you can expect the absolute highest levels of braking performance and reliability. Each kit will include the following key features:

CNC machined forged billet aluminum calipers
High strength to weight ratio at 3.46 kg (7.6 lbs)
Custom CNC machined forged billet aluminum caliper mounting bracket
Radial mounted caliper for maximum rigidity
6 pistons per caliper with staggered piston sizes for even pad wear (30mm, 36.5mm. 38.5mm)
Uses standard pad profile available from many popular pad manufacturers
2-piece floating rotors
CNC machined lightweight forged billet aluminium rotor hats/bells
Hard anodized finish on caliper, mounting brackets, and rotor hats
Proprietary iron alloy rotor discs with directional curved vanes for optimized rotor cooling
Slotted and drilled rotors for dust and gas evacuation adds long term durability
Pad retaining grooves, pins and clips reduce pad noise and allow for easy pad changes
Custom stainless braided brake lines
EBC Red Stuff pads

330mm/13” discs - Min. 18” wheels required, may fit under some 17” wheels designed for big brakes
356mm/14” discs - Min. 19” wheels required, may fit under some 18” wheels designed for big brakes

Every brake line included with each Forge big brake kit is manufactured in-house using only the highest quality 95PVC coated stainless steel braided Teflon hoses and custom machined stainless steel end fittings which
results in a brake line that will perform under the most extreme conditions whilst still looking good. They have exceptional resistance to expansion under brake fluid pressure and heat, providing the driver with much needed
braking confidence in every driving situation. All of our brake hoses are street legal for any vehicle worldwide and carry DOT, TUV, FMVSS-106, ADR, and LTSA approvals.

Replacement rotors are available.

Replacement pads can be sourced from the following suppliers with the provided part numbers. The required pad thickness is 17mm. Thicker pads may require shaving for proper fitment.

Brake Pad Reference:
EBC - DP3032C Red Stuff & DP4032R Yellow Stuff
AP Racing – CP5070D51 (specify APF404, DS2500, DS3000 pad compounds)
Mintex - MDB1977 (specify 1144,1155, or 1166 compound)
Pagid - E1903 (specify pad compound)
Hawk – HB122 (specify pad compound)
Ferodo – FRP3054 (specify pad compound)
Performance Friction (PFC) – 7793.01.18.44 & 7793.03.18.44
Porterfield – R2600-18
Stoptech – ST-60 (309.12470 street/track & 105.12470 street)
Wilwood – 15E-6914K

PM me for special forum pricing or call the shop. 407.878.5870

Installs available for Florida locals