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Originally Posted by jaehshim View Post
For NJ/NYers,

might be a dumb question, but for every 10 M3s I see, 7~8 of them do not have front license plate.
Not just Ms, or BMWs, but all the local porsches and Ford GTs and Corvettes and Ferraris and even all the S2000s and VW cars I see on the streets do not seem to have front license plates at all.

For those who do not put front license plate, do you guys just drive around and get tickets? jus live with it?

Cops can pull you over just for no front license plate?
I live in bergen county, and used to get tickets all the time for no front plate on my s2000 and my first bmw, i refused to drill into my bumper so i just used to just pay it, after 15+ no front plate tickets at 65 dollars a ticket it started to add up, i gave up and put on a mfest or a gomini front plate on my last 2 m3's, they dont look to bad imo and they provide a buffer from your front bumper when you park on a street. Yes cops can pull you over for just no front plate.