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Originally Posted by gsrbri View Post
I had a friend that drives an E90 M3 w/PFC-01 pads drive my car at Mt. Tremblant and his impression was that the PFC's offer a little more bite at the limit, but the Pagids are very good. He is seeing much more wear w/the PFC-01s, both on the pads and rotors.

What are your experiences?


I have used PF01s for 3 track events. Each weekend, my pads are almost down to the backing plates (with 1-2mm to spare). Used at Summit Point, Watkins Glen and Summit Point (in that order). Two weeks ago, the pad material literally came off from the backing plate and was dragging on the rotors!!

From my understanding, its the heat which is killing these pads. Long and short, if you go b**s out with 01s in this car, they turn to dust quickly. Not sure if its the heat, drilled rotors, weight or a combination. But this is unacceptable to me (one set of pads each weekend).

I dont have ducting and the car is completely stock just pads and 18*10 wheels with Toyo RA1s (camber pins removed). My fluid holds up fairly well (Motul 600 and I do a quick bleed after each event).

I am going to order the Pagid Yellow next time around. Heard the PF08s are somewhat better?