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Originally Posted by AZ_08_E92 View Post
So many haters, they just jelly

Those red angel eyes are pure sex, are those custom?

The M badge on the grill is unique, why does everyone dislike it?

Awesome whip, sir. Well done IMO, and I would be delighted to drive it anytime.
Thank you! The owner custom had the angel eyes done. I'd love to drive it one day too haha!

Originally Posted by Lowkey335 View Post
Really riced out angel eyes and a M badge on the grille? Thats how you ruin one of the baddest M's ive seen....thats gotta be a joke. Whats up with the front tints lighter than the rear? Wtf guys???? U kinda messed the car were supposed to be showcasing your wheels, not asking us to see flaws on the car. I dont even see the wheels with all the other terrible trinkets on there. Let IND fix it up for you
Sorry you feel that way but all we did on this vehicle was build the wheels. We all mod our cars to our own preference and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. At the end of the day we're all enthusiasts showing off our hard work.

Originally Posted by ALPINE6SPD View Post
Love it all but 3 details. Not crazy about M Badge the red halos or the side skirt add on. Theose are so minor because the car is amazingly well done. Those are some of the best looking wheels I have EVER seen.
Thank you, appreciate it!

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