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Originally Posted by gsrbri View Post
My 2011 E90 ZCP is a daily driver, but sees quite a few track days. Since I purchased the car in July 2011, I've done 8 days (6 at New Hampshire MS and two at Mt. Tremblant). I run stock pads on the street and Pagid RS-19 yellows front and RS-7 black on the rear when on-track. I'm an intermediate-level driver and get into my brakes very hard each lapping session.

After 8 days, my Pagid pads are still good for probably two more track days (wear has been excellent). The rotors, both front/rear, are exhibiting no "lip" after 13,000 miles of spirited driving on the road and track. The Pagid pads, as it turns out, bed very well at the track w/no real need to pre-bed, and I've installed the factory pads directly after being on track, and, as long as you don't hammer the brakes too much, the stock pads remove the bedded material from the Pagids and wipe the rotor clean. No pedal pulsations or anything.

I had a friend that drives an E90 M3 w/PFC-01 pads drive my car at Mt. Tremblant and his impression was that the PFC's offer a little more bite at the limit, but the Pagids are very good. He is seeing much more wear w/the PFC-01s, both on the pads and rotors.

What are your experiences?

I ran my 08 car with both Hawk HP+'s & Pagid RS19's for the 3 years that I had my car and my rotors were still in spec after 3 yrs,54000 kms & 40 track days when I sold the car.I use a Stoptech BBK 380/355 on my new car and after about 25 days I changed the front rotor rings due to heat checking not wear.I am using a RS14/29 combination with this setup.