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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
I loved that, too!

A few questions:

Did they just repaint yellow stripes at the track edge? Didn't notice them being so bright a few weeks ago.

What's going on with the blocked-off section between T10 and 11? Track repair?

Your line through the Toe--more of a racing/defensive line hugging the curbing, or do you find that faster?

Sounds like you're running street tires--AD08s?

That curbing in the Heel is steep--I haven't gotten close enough to clip it yet, but now I see what happens. It really upset the balance of the car in the first video--nice quick correction!
We were the 1st group on the track after the major repainting & repairs to the curbing after being closed for a week.The section that is closed off entering c11 was a repair area that started out small and became much larger by the time it was completed and was still curing when we were there.
There is a lot more grip on the inside of C7 vs using the traditional wide racing line plus you have a steeper gradient to help with braking grip.I have always used a tighter line here but once I watched the Grand Am guys on TV using this line,I knew it was the better line to use.
I am running a square 275/35 NT05 setup on 18 x 10 Apex wheels.It is the most neutral car that I can recall having on the track. Yes that curbing is steep!I think I managed to catch it at least once in corners 7 & 8