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Hi there,

I can confirm it's working for me pretty well now.
My situation is:
- 3 serie 2012 (F30 328i).
- BMW assist + connected drive.
- (No BMW Apps, just in case someone is in doubt).
- Phone is Samsung Galaxy S 3.
- Phone carryier is Sunrise, Switzerland.
- But location of the car is in France (just at the border).

The installation of the program was refused from Google Play with the "not available in your country" message (guess it took the carryier country for that despite my car has been bought and registered in France ...).

I had to go with the package on the xda-developers forum. Will see if updates come in the future.

I got these functionalities working:
- Vehicule position.
- Air conditionning.
- Google local search.
- Lock/Unlock.
- Horn.
- Lights.

The delay is as similar as with the iPhone app: 30s-2minutes.
When starting the air conditionning remotely it is on a really low ventilation setting. It seems to actually start a special mode of the AC (only one fan symbol lights up on the display). So, it is nothing of the kind start the engine and set it on max mode.