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Originally Posted by kartracer12 View Post
You need to do the tires and wheels before you mess up one of those expensive 19"wheels. I love the Apex wheels for the weight savings and price. Go with the square setup. You need better street tires like NT05 or RS3. I run PF01s on my Stoptechs and they have a great bite.

I plan to do camber plates and seats next. I am considering Recaro Sportster CS since they will fit my big frame better.

I would spend some money on data acquisition so you can track your progress.
Hey Kartracer, I've already messed up the 19" wheels . Doesn't bother me too much. I used to have a track set, but sold the set as I had to move and had limited storage space. Will definitely get a setup or move to 18s as soon as I settle down for a bit.