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"tuning fork" vibration in pedals

My 02 6-speed (4/02 build) with 128K has developed a "tuning fork" vibration in the pedals--just enough to put the bottom of my right foot to sleep after a half hour of driving. Vibration is present when the car is stationary, and kicks in at about 2200 rpm. It may be that it's only present at higher temperatures, although that's hard to know given that it is always hot in the desert in the summer.

I have driven an 11/01 build (with 75K) and a 2/02 build (with 115K), and both had way more vibration through the floor and the console, but their pedals were completely dead: no vibration at all. Two indies have agreed that it's not the fan, fan clutch, flywheel, or clutch, but they are otherwise stumped.

Any ideas? Thanks much.