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Originally Posted by Konig Ludwig View Post
wouldn't happen with quattro

i've got an a4 with quattro now, and yeah probably much less likely to happen. though i've noticed people with awd tend to do other stupid stuff too, not realize you still brake just as slowly and rear end people in the rain. AWD gives false confidence... just see how many STIs get in crashes. Friend crashed his R32 into a parked van in SF once and told me he thought AWD would somehow slow him down.

i had a G35 coupe with rwd a bunch of years back (just got out of college, got my first real job, was a total moron in general) and nearly hydroplaned into a divider like that on a curve... i was just slowly sliding sideways and yes it did feel like an eternity. car stopped like 2 feet from the concrete. i learned my lesson, you need to be mature and not a moron to drive rwd. worst i've seen is idiots in RWD pickups in the rain spinning out.

i don't know why this convinced me to finally start an account haha. i've been lurking here for a year and have a bmw cca membership .... so i do want a bimmer soon.

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