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Originally Posted by IFX View Post
Weird, signal was on indicating he was making an aggressive lane change (by looking at speed) But he kinda just gradually went into the wall.. ? I don't know what Im trying to say, it just looks like he fell asleep. lol

By the look of the video, what i saw is:

- Lots of Rain
- BMW M3 driving too fast trying to pass car on its left side
(video from Taiwan... dont people drive on the "wrong side of the road there?)
- BMW trying to finish its pass and start changing lane to the left.
- M3 realizing its going a bit wee fast, and in trying to avoid the car upfront:
- So BMW M3 immediately stomp on the brake... locking up? skidding and aquaplanning in the process
- no more control... all control is lost, BMW heading straight to the left side of the road toward the "center"? divider...

... i hope all occupants in that car didn't suffer any major injuries...

Originally Posted by research View Post
Here's what it looks like to me.

1)M3 going fast
2) and car in front of him is slowing down.
3) He brakes
4) but due to water on road he loses control.
5) As he tries to correct him going left,
6)he steers right strongly, and hits the indicator stalk in process, all panicking no doubt.
7) Obviously hits the barrier and rolls it. Speed weren't that high it seems. Probably too fast for conditions but not much over limit.
You got it... i saw the same thing...