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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
All those things you quoted are precisely related to experience and that is what you pick up in those exercises, but your right, we're all subject to "randomness" and that is just a FACT of life!
You are 100% correct, awareness and experience is what its all about. I have been probably faster with my M3, Z4MC, X5, and NSX in 10Xs worse weather with plenty of tread and its common place for me years later. I rarely hydroplane anymore regardless or water on the roads. But that is with experience from driving in Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, New York, Maine, Ohio, Iowa, etc... I still do at times but its easier to control because I have been there in worse conditions and felt what the car did under those conditions and adapted to the situation.

I can tell you the harder rains are on the east coast but more rain on the roads is the west coast or at least for me it was. Black Ice is much less forgiving. Try driving on 6 inch thick ice. You aren't going anywhere. Rain seems like a walk in the park.

Just coming up here in New York 2 weeks ago hit a severe storm and I was doing 65 mph with 20 feet visibility. I actually had to sit up in this storm which is rare. lol People were on the side of the road with hazards on but honestly with all weather tires, 100% tread I know my limits and had been in much worse years ago in Tennessee with 5 feet vis.

Anyway hope the driver is ok. Looks pretty bad.

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