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Originally Posted by research View Post
Here's what it looks like to me.

M3 going fast and car in front of him is slowing down.
He brakes but due to water on road he loses control.
As he tries to correct him going left, he steers right strongly, and hits the indicator stalk in process, all panicking no doubt.
Obviously hits the barrier and rolls it. Speed weren't that high it seems. Probably too fast for conditions but not much over limit.
That seems like a pretty plausible explanation, although it looked to me like the M3 was passing and not slowing down. Either way, you're right about too fast for conditions. Anyone who has ever had an accident in the rain, knows you will get a citation for driving too fast for the conditions, whether you were over the posted speed limit or not. They call it "failure to control speed" as opposed to "breaking the posted limit". Best plan is, regardless of the speed limit, when it's wet, slow down.
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